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I had heard of Miessence for years, but thought that they were only an organic cosmetics company.  

Recently, I found out about InLiven, their Probiotic.  I am very happy with my current probiotic, but the company that makes it is most likely going out of business, so I thought I would check Miessence's out.  Well, I have been using probiotics for years and this is one of only 3 brands that I have ever used that I could tell works!!

Beyond InLiven, I love the skin care products.  Every time I wash my face I feel so refreshed.  And when I do the whole system, I feel like I've been to a spa.  In the comfort of my own home.  And years are taken off my face.  My skin looks so much healthier!

Our world has gotten so much more toxic.  I want to do whatever I can to bring healthier nutrition and cleaner products into my home.  

Miessence has a great mission.  To bring healthy living products into many homes.  In a sustainable way. 

I have always taken great joy introducing great products to others.

And with Miessence's representative program, you too can be rewarded with affordable wonderful products that will bless you and your family.

Enjoy.  I look forward to sharing more with you.
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