certified organic spinach


Spinach helps to prevent Hypertension and Stroke. Spinach alleviates Constipation, blocks the formation of several forms of Cancer (due to Beta-Carotene and Histidine), prevents the formation of Nitrosamines (a known carcinogen), reduces serum Cholesterol levels by accelerating the conversion of Cholesterol in the body to Coprostanol which is washed away, alleviates Diabetes (due to Manganese), helps to prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) (due to Lutein). Spinach (very effectively) retards the development of Cataracts (due to Lutein) [scientific research - humans: people who eat Spinach 5 or more times per week have 50% less risk of developing Cataracts than non-Spinach eaters].
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