certified organic matcha green tea


Matcha is a green tea, but of much superior quality. Matcha is essentially cultivated in shade, carefully for many weeks before the leaves are harvested. Following their harvesting, the plants, they are put in processors for grinding the leaves into a delicate powdered form. Matcha tea contains a natural chemical compound called L-theanine, which activates alpha brain waves, bringing about a feeling of rest and relaxation. It has been found that L-theanine helps to improve the ability to concentrate and focus without stimulating the nervous system. Two powerful weight loss benefits that green tea offers is the ability to boost metabolism and increase fat burning. A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that the consumption of green tea increased the body’s natural rate of burning calories by nearly 400%! Green tea has also been shown to increase fat oxidation, demonstrating that the tea increases the burning of fat and its utilisation as an energy source for the body. Matcha also facilitates the safe cleansing as well as purging the body of toxins. Chlorophyll, which is responsible for the colour of green tea and other plants, is a potent detoxifier. It facilitates the removal of harmful chemical substances as well as toxic heavy metals from the body.
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