Miessence Community

Miessence Community

Getting Started With Miessence

You can be part of Miessence's organic revolution in one of two ways:

Miessence Customers

If using beautifully pure, certified organic products with a commitment to better health and sustainability excites you, then joining us with a customer account will contribute to the betterment of your life! With a customer account you can purchase ethical products for you and your loved ones with no pressure or commitment and have access to discounts and money-saver programs.

It is free to join as a Miessence Customer. All you have to do is place an order.

Miessence Independent Representatives

Miessence community is a vibrant, proactive group

If you are looking for a sustainable home-based business with opportunities to grow a supplementary income, then join the thousands of other people around the world who are Miessence Independent Representatives.

Miessence Independent Representatives earn extra income by starting a home business and enjoy the support of experienced business people, on-going training, business building tools and exclusive offers.

As a Independent Representative in the global Miessence community, you can choose to participate in our social network through Miessence Alliance or our Facebook page. In these sites you can pick up many tips, and helpful information as well as getting to know great people from all over the world that share similar interests around health and organics along with creating a successful home business.

If you would like to know more about company and the Miessence business, you may wish to view our informative 30 minute video, here.

As you consider starting a Miessence business, you might have some questions for us and we're delighted to answer them here.

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