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Prior to finding Miessence certified organic products, I was used to purchasing products that were commonly found in shops. I have tried many different brands of skincare and personal care products and noticed one thing in common. Their list of ingredients contained chemical substances that I’ve never seen or heard before. Many of those ingredients are not good for you.

Just type one of those chemical ingredients in the Cosmetic Database of Environmental Working Group's (EWG) website and they will give you a safety profile of that particular ingredient. 

What I love about Miessence is that they are very passionate about improving the life’s of people and promoting a healthier environment. 

I came across Miessence at the start of 2011 while doing some research on some safe alternatives to my personal care products. Once I started using them, I literally fell in love with them!

The first products that I bought were skincare products. Then eventually I started buying more and more products from the Miessence range to try. I feel better know that my products have absolutely NO ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS at all. 

Miessence guarantees the authenticity and integrity of their ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ claims by having their products independently certified to obtain the Australian Certified Organic Seal of Approval. 

So it means that these Miessence products are certified to food standards. They are so pure that you can eat them! (but I haven't tried eating them though).

I have written some blog articles recommending these Miessence products at

Why Miessence

My reasons for joining Miessence are:
1) Miessence provides over 70 certified organic products for individuals who love a green and chemical-free lifestyle

2) Get higher discounts on these products

3) Influence others to choose safer products for their everyday needs.

4) Make extra income by recommending these products to others who are looking for them

5) The manufacturing process and freight distribution of these products is 100% certified carbon negative

6) Just love the values from this organic company

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