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I started to use Miessence skincare products when my daughter was approx 4 weeks old.  Within a month of using these products I was getting lovely compliments, such as "Lisa, your skin is glowing, what have you been doing?", "WOW you look so much younger" etc.  They where great to hear, but I certainly wasn't feeling like that.  

I was on my 4th bout of mastitis and felt horrid, the doctors where all telling me to stop breastfeeding my daughter as it was taking its toll on my health.  I was a mess.  

Just as my 5th lot of mastitis started I was introduced to In-Liven and I must say it turned my life around. I took 3 teaspoons per day for 4 weeks and needless to say my mastitis never returned again, and I went on to feed my daughter till she was 12 months old.
I have quite a few personal mi-experiences with these amazing products and many more from friends.  If you wish to hear more please contact me and I will be more than happy to share them with you.

Why Miessence

I decided to become an Independent Representative with ONE Group after using the products for a couple of months.  I believe they are the best products I have every placed on my skin and I LOVE the idea of NO CHEMICALS for my family.  I spoke with a representative I knew and decided it was an incredibly ethical and positive company and I needed to join to share my belief in the products.  The extra income is a bonus. For me, it is all about letting people know that there is an alternative out there, rather than using harsh toxic chemicals on themselves, they can use beautiful products such as ours and help the enviroment as well.  Why not contact me and see for yourself.
Thanks Lisa
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