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They say there are no accidents.  FINDING ONEgroup on the net when I looked up the preservatives in the skin products I was using and selling was no accident. 

I participated in the first Earth Day 36 years ago.  That's how long my family has been eating whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. This year we joined a community organic farm and love the taste of the just picked organically grown food. I also love the idea of supporting sustainable agriculture and the benefits it brings to our planet.  

NOW YOU KNOW WHY I think I was destined to find and represent ONEgroup.  It is completely in alignment with my core values and how I live.  My other products said they are the best of science and nature.  I trusted them to make products that are beneficial to my skin and hair and I do look great.  When I learned about the ingredients on these products I was SHOCKED!!!   I was using a veritable chemical soup on my body.  I immediately signed up as a rep with ONEgroup and when my order came I cleaned the other products out of my medicine cabinet and recycled the containers!

Why Miessence

I love the MiEssence products.  I love how they feel and how they smell.  My hair is shiner and the skin on my arms which gets the most sun tanning looks younger already.  My favorite product is the InLiven Probiotic super food.  I have an undergraduate degree is in biology and am totally impressed with the science and technology that has gone into this product.

I also love the idea of making money by helping people become healthier, create wealth and stand for a sustainable planet. I am a certified life coach and would love to help you.

As Ashley Montague said, "I want to die young at a ripe old age." ONEgroup is helping me to achieve this!
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