dried coffee fruit extract


Like many plants, coffee distributes its powerful nutrition into the whole fruit, not just the seed. Whole coffee fruit is loaded with high concentrations of beneficial antioxidants and other extraordinary nutrients, including polyphenols, chlorogenic, caffeic and ferulic acids. Coffee plants grow on the slopes of high-altitude, volcanic mountainsides. Nourished by mineral-rich soil and warmed by intense tropical sunlight, coffee plants produce a profusion of wonderful, bright red fruit. Coffee fruit is exceptionally rich in antioxidants because it grows in high altitude, low-latitude regions where the sun’s rays are strongest. As the plants mature, they develop powerful antioxidants to protect them from damage caused by high doses of the sun’s radiation and the natural byproducts of photosynthesis. One gram of our coffee berry extract provides the same free radical protection of over two kilograms of grapes.
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