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  • Christina Martin
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I strive to make mindful choices, and to be aware of my impact on the world around me.  OneGroup impressed me with the quality of their products as well as their business practices. As a OneGroup Representative, I can help others learn about the health and environmental benefits from choosing products with pure, organic, ingredients. Please explore this website to learn more; it is a great starting point for information about what you may be putting on your body!

Why Miessence

Before the birth of my first child, I began to research skin care products more thoroughly.  Knowing that ingredients can be absorbed through the skin, I wanted the the products I used to be the healthiest, least toxic ones available.  In the past, my skin care purchases were simply whatever appeared "natural", but when I began to pay closer attention, I found long lists of chemicals that could be irritating, at the least, and others that were actually harmful. 

I was excited to find Miessence products, and even more pleased that the ones I tried helped me look and feel great.  I couldn't believe I had never heard of these products before.  This naturally led me to become a representative, and now I can share the excitement with others. 

I thank you for choosing OneGroup - and your body will thank you too!
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