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About Your Representative - Luke Shavak Says Welcome To LUKESORGANICS.COM
  • Luke Shavak Says Welcome To LUKESORGANICS.COM
  • Luke Shavak
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Protecting the earth has always been important to me. Throughout my life, it’s always been at the back of my mind eating away at me, as I knew I wanted to help it directly in some way but I wasn’t quite sure how. For a long time in my life, I definitely ignored that little voice.

Since I begun listening and trusting that little voice (and obviously joined Miessence) it’s fair to say that my whole entire life has changed in the most beautiful way!

Life really is about what you can GIVE to others. Now, helping the planet DIRECTLY through my actions is so fulfilling and without a doubt my life purpose.

Why Miessence

To be healthy and prosperous really is your birthright! If you love helping the planet and people, why not use this passion to create a residual income stream for yourself in your own organic business, as well as empowering thousands of people to live more powerful lives along the way!

I’m now DIRECTLY contributing to a healthier planet EVERY SINGLE DAY! As a distributor for the company, I’m also part of a positive change which is very fulfilling!

It is so straight forward to want to naturally and ethically help other people who are using dangerous chemicals in their home care products, body products, hair products, skin care products, make-up and vitamins.

Supporting a certified organic business really goes a long way to making a HUGE positive impact, simply because the MONEY WE SPEND every day guides the direction of our WHOLE PLANET!!

Money makes the world go round, and multi-national companies actually have more money than most COUNTRIES! It is very safe to say that the majority of these companies do not have the planet’s best interests as a priority!!

Rather than fight against the system, what’s needed is to use the system against itself (kind of like Luke Skywalker infiltrating the death star!!)

“The power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer” Denis Hayes.

Business is the most powerful way to make change on the planet! Face it or not, we need ethical entrepreneurs out there being very active and making lots of money to spend in POSITIVE WAYS!! We need to feel the force!

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