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People want proven results but can we really ensure ingredients integrity? 

Due to an accident, my oral health was greatly affected. I underwent orthodontics, bridges, crowning and continuous gum infection and pus.

When I come across Miessence in 2005, I started to try after doing some research on the ingredients used. Its easier to understand as the ingredients are not man made. 

When I underwent my gum operation, I chose Miessence Mouth Refreshing Wash to the clinic's recommendation and the dentist assistant warned me that I need a 99.8% proven disinfectant mouth wash in my case. 

I am glad, I did not use the heavy laden alcohol mouth wash but Miessence. Actually, after using Miessence oral care, my oral condition improved by the day and my gum infection and pus ceased. My pain and suffering ended. 


Why Miessence

In 2005, I read a mother making skin care recipes in her kitchen. I bought her recipes. I put her recipes to test. Today not only her skin care recipes are good for my skin, it went beyond beauty care. Miessence is also my first aid box at home. 

Excellent products, excellent customer care service. 
After 10yrs, I advocate beauty and health by marketing Miessence, certified organic, formulated with our health in mind. 
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