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About Your Representative - Jean Shaw
  • Jean Shaw
  • Littleport CAMBS CB6 1NA GB
  • Miessence Head Office
  • 27 Expansion St
  • QLD 4214
  • Fax: +61-7-5539-6719
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My son is autistic and until recently had a VERY self restricted diet.  Gluten and casein (the proteins in wheat and dairy) were a problem for him.  Then we discovered MiVitality and now he eats a much wider range of food.  In-Liven contains wheat,  but as it has already been pre-digested Jodi is able to enjoy the benefits of the good healthy bacteria without suffering any ill effects. We love it.

Why Miessence

As a result of mercury toxicity caused by dental amalgam I have difficulty removing chemicals.   I need to be careful what I put in and ON my body and it came as a shock to discover most skin care and beauty products contain harmful synthetic chemicals.  Then I discovered miessence.  It gives me peace of mind to know the products I now use are 100% toxin free.  These organic products look, smell and feel great but most importantly the natural ingredients WORK.

I'm also impressed with the integrity of ONE Group and their policy regarding the environment. Too many companies just take and give nothing back but ONE Group are not profit orientated.
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