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Miessence takes its responsibility to the planet seriously.

That's why our commitment to sustainable business practices goes beyond sourcing the world's finest certified organic products. Our commitment infuses everything we do, from manufacturing, packing, transportation and promotion.

Carbon Negative Business Practices

Miessence Carbon Negative

In addition to producing the world's finest certified organic nutritional, health and skincare products, Miessence is also committed to going a step beyond 100% carbon neutral and going carbon negative by offsetting a further 10% beyond calculated emissions.


Miessence products are shipped all over the globe to members of our independent distributor network.

Since 2006, we have engaged Greenfleet, a non-profit, independent organisation to calculate our freight emissions and in turn provide the service of planting trees on our behalf to offset our impact on the environment. Science shows that 17 mixed native species of trees help create a forest. As they grow, the trees absorb greenhouse gases, as well as tackle soil salinity, improve water quality and provide habitat for native species.


Huon Award

Green Power

Miessence is pleased to use premium renewable electricity through the grid. This is made possible through the support of our local energy provider by allowing us to offset 100% to wind energy. By using electric forklifts and machinery run on compressors that all run off this green renewable energy, we can claim zero emissions from our manufacturing.

Green Biz Check

We are delighted to have our business practices audited by GreenBizCheck – and receive the World Leadership certification.

Certification is verified and audited by Bureau Veritas - the world's largest certification provider with over 44,000 staff and 400,000 corporate clients.

Certificate of Compliance

Packaging Integrity

Miessence uses plastic instead of glass for packaging. To find out about the type of plastic Miessence uses, download this PDF.

As part of our commitment to the planet, we use Envirofill pellets (which are a combination of wheat and potato starch) to fill the spaces in your package. The Envirofill pellets are 100% biodegradable and dissovle in water, so they can be safely disposed of in your compost, your recycling bin, or even in your sink at the end of your washing up!

Greener Offices

All the Miessence team is committed to recycling and are conscientious in the use of waste, recycled materials and electricity. We offset our plant and offices, as well as our events and promotional tours with tree planting to make our day to day business activity carbon neutral.

Soap Guru

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