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About Your Representative - Bodhi Torque
  • Bodhi Torque
  • Stephen Busch
  • Suite 5094 17B Farnham Street Parnell Auckland 1052
  • Phone: 64220801066
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  • Miessence Head Office
  • 27 Expansion St
  • QLD 4214
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I scanned the planet, my country, looking for the best, the healthiest 'organic' skin and body care products as that is all I would prefer to use on my body which is now mi Organic bodhi..haha. The Miessence deodorants and toothepaste being my first introduction to this wonderful range, I even tried eating the Tropicana body milk, or it may have been the intensive body cream..mmmm intense best describes the taste..stick to putting it 'on' your body! Look forward to enjoying more of the range :)

Why Miessence

I've had a long standing passion for health, personal growth and great vibes...with Miessence as an Independent Representitive you can combine all three and be free by passionately creating a business which I prefer to call blissness as that is the true nature of 'real' business, when your doing what YOU love..all is well, so be assured with this you have a trinity of success and culture all in the ONE package, healthy planet, healthy people, and harmony to ALL.
Best wishes to You, your family, and all those you love and care about, sincerely
Stephen John Busch
aka Torq, the Bodhitorque man. 

Look forward to hearing from you soon...till then create your dream..for 'real' If you would enjoy creating an extraordinary future through the Miessence opportunity and my talent for empowering your potential, I encourage you to ACTION, BElieve in yourself, live your passion and I welcome your contact today.
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