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About Your Representative - Better Choices
  • Better Choices
  • Valerie Cookson-Botto
  • Phone: 4019548551
  • Miessence Head Office
  • 27 Expansion St
  • QLD 4214
  • Fax: +61-7-5539-6719
  • Email:


While pregnant with my son, I read a short article about Phthalate Syndrome, and how plasticizers in personal care products contribute to birth defects.  That scared me enough to want to know more.  After a year of eye opening research, I found that up to 1/3rd of common personal care products contain at least one potential carcinogen and many of these toxins are forever stored in the body’'s cells and organs.   The carcinogen 1,4-Dioxane had even been found in personal care products claiming to be natural and organic.  The only way I could have peace of mind was to use products that are “USDA Certified Organic” from a company with solid ethics.  With certified organic products that are safe and effective, the better choice is hard to ignore.  The opportunity to first sample the products and then have them conveniently delivered to your front door makes the choice a no-brainer.

Why Miessence

I chose to be a Miessence Representative because the thought of building a company from the ground up on my own while raising two young children was a bit more than my sleep deprived mind could wrap around.  With Miessence I have established and proven marketing and business tools at my disposal.  The Miessence opportunity allows me to customize my business to fit my interests, time and talents.  Many companies out there offer “green” products without making an effort to reduce their own carbon footprints. Miessence is green inside and out; their production facility is a zero emissions manufacturing plant, they utilize Greenfleet to offset freight emissions, and their philanthropy is the David Suzuki Foundation. All of this plus the most effective organic products makes Miessence an easy choice and a better choice.

If you would like to find out more about Miessence please feel free to contact my by phone, email or find my page on Facebook at  I look forward to helping you.

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