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Hello!  Thank you for visiting my ONE Group website.  I'm Kathy Lee, a "crunchy" California girl ~ I shop locally for seasonal organic food (and bring my own cloth bags!), grow a garden, recycle and my family tries to live as close to the earth as possible.  I found these beautiful, certified organic products from ONE Group when I was searching for products without chemicals or parabens.  All my friends with young children and I had begun to discuss what we were putting on our children's bodies.  We all ate organic food, but began to notice the sunscreens and lotions on the market were loaded with paraben preservatives (parabens have been found in the breast tissue of women with breast cancer).  Why use any product with synthetic chemicals when natural alternatives are available?  I don't want to put any toxins on my child's body or in her environment if I can help it!  As an herbalist and aromatherapist, I recognized the healing herbs and nurturing oils in ONE Group products.  I was equally impressed with what was NOT in the products.  I feel really good knowing my daughter can safely use these products.

Why Miessence

Every dollar we spend casts a vote.  I want my dollars and my votes to leave the world a better place.  ONE Group products have been independently certified organic to food standards - a higher standard than what is normally found in bodycare products.  I love Miessence products and when I discovered the income opportunity, it was the (organic) icing on the cake!  Contact me to start your own organic business with ONE Group.

Become a part of our caring Miessence family while enjoying the discounts and income earning potential of the world’s first certified organic business opportunity.

Contact me TODAY if you are interested in learning more.
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