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I started using Miessence products when I was thinking about becoming pregnant.  I did lots of research into products that are safe for pregnant women and babies and better for the environment.  I had bought the Miessence shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and body cream from my local health shop, and loved them all, so I was very excited when I discovered what an extensive range of products was available online.  I had stopped wearing makeup all together when I was pregnant because I did not want to be exposed to the harsh synthetic chemicals, so I was very happy to try the Miessence cosmetics.  I had also spent a lot of money on different probiotics over the years, and I wish I had known about InlIven earlier since it works so well for me! 

Why Miessence

I like the Miessence products so much, and it is so important to me to be as organic as possible in my lifestyle, that I love being able to use the products and share them with others.  The discounts available to reps, and the extra income that I earn, mean that I am able to afford more organic products for my family and I am able to stay home with my beautiful boys :-)  Thank you for helping me to achieve that goal!
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