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I have been part  of the Miessence family and a member of this wonderful company since 2009.  
    Tired of paying for products loaded with ingredients you cannot even pronounce and listening to blatant lies promoted by the beauty industry?  I certainly was.  Most companies really only care about how much money they make and to do that they use more and more chemicals and additives as a cheap way to increase company profits.  They don't really care about you. I was looking for a company with integrity and heart and who would care about their clients and the environment.

Miessence has over 100 certified organic products that are pure, non-toxic and good for your body.  They carry the 'certified organic' seal to prove it.   Miessence delivers the goods: quality products and certified organic seals to prove they are truly organic.

Why Miessence

I  joined Miessence to promote a healthy lifestyle and earn an ethical income with a company whose products are unparalleled in the health and wellness industry.  
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